Exact/Macola's Progression Custom Programming

Since 1984 Alembic Computer Services, Inc. (ACSI) has been selling, supporting and enhancing Macola Progression. Our top notch Consulting, Support, and Programming services were recognized by Exact when we received their Top Service Provider Award in 2002. Our programming resources have allowed us to provide custom solutions that either modify Progression by building on the existing code to provide a more complete solution, or when necessary, to develop an entirely new application from the ground up.

Some of our successes include:

  • Expanding the Item Number to 25 chars and with a 5 char Revision Number
  • A Royalty Management Module for maintaining, calculating and paying license royalties
  • An Amazon Order Import and Fulfillment System
  • Numerous time saving enhancements in the GL, AP ,AR, IM, OE, PO, BOM & POP Modules
  • And of course our popular Utilities
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