Macola Progression Utilities

Initially developed for v5.2, we currently support Progression versions 7.5.100x thru 7.6.400x for both Pervasive and Microsoft SQL. With our Mass Change Utilities you can change your Customer, Vendor, Item or GL Account Numbers. We’ll even let you combine multiple records into one! If you have a lot you want to change, you can import your old and new numbers from a spreadsheet. Or, if you’d like to resequence Customer or Vendor Numbers, we’ll do that automatically for you. And, after it’s all done, the old number will be gone and every table will reflect the new number… All the master files… all the transaction files… all the history… Every where that number existed, it will be replaced with your newly assigned number.

ACSI’s Mass Delete Utilities take the tedium out of cleaning up your Customer and Item files. First we’ll help you identify inactive parts or customers. Then, after you have reviewed and adjusted the list, we’ll see if there is any reason why that item or customer shouldn’t be deleted. And, if there is, we won’t let you delete it. Once everything’s a GO! Our utility will remove all of the unwanted parts or customers from the system.

Our Reset and Recalculate Utilities allow you to recover from the inevitable Oops! when those pesky accumulators get cleared too late (or too soon). And our Update Item Location utility takes the pain out of changing standard costs or prices across multiple Item Locations.

Listed below are the available Utilities and a link to a FREE demo:

Please click on the Product Code for the applicable Users Guide.
User Guides are in Adobe Acrobat format.

Product Code Enhancement Price
IM007 Mass Item Number Delete $1,495.00
AR006 Mass Customer Number Delete $1,495.00
IM002 Mass Item ID Change $995.00
AP004 Mass Vendor Number Change $995.00
AR005 Mass Customer Number Change $995.00
GL007 Mass Account Number Change $995.00
IM006 Update Item Location $595.00
OE001 Sales History Reset by Period $595.00
OE002 Recalculate IM Accumulators $595.00
OE003 Recalculate AR Accumulators $595.00
OE004 Recalculate IM Accumulators & Recalculate AR Accumulators $995.00
MR001 Generate MRP Forecast Orders $595.00
PP001 Scheduled Production from Reorder Level $595.00
IM005 Inventory Protected Field Change FREE!

Free Downloads Available:

Pervasive SQL Demo (v7.6.200 and above)

MS-SQL Demo (v7.6.200 and above)

Click Here For the Demo Download Page

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